Sunday, August 23, 2009

Schedule Change for Monday, August 24th.

Considering that all MBA2011s have their orientation dinner on Monday, August 24th, we're skipping the pub crawl that evening. But that shouldn't hold back any MiFFTs/MiMs/others who want to meet up anyway to look for flatmates.

We'll resume the regular crawl schedule Tuesday thru Friday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

*Thursday drinks - important info*

Tonight (Thursday 20th) there's a change to the published venue and earlier start to fit in around Sundowners.

- Flat Hunters Pub Crawl will start from 6pm at the Windsor.

See you tonight...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Due to the Sundowners event on the other side of town at 8pm, we are relocating the Flat Hunters Pub Crawl on Friday evening, and starting earlier too.

New venue is:
Pitcher & Piano, 28-31 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND : here

Starting from 6pm. Around 8pm we will move to the Sundowners event at the Royal Exchange - don't forget to bring your LBS card...

Nearest tube is Bank, but plenty more within walking distance (Liverpool St, Monument, Mansion House, London Bridge, Moorgate, Cannon Street)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is the Flat Punters' Hub Crawl?

What's it for?

It's really a three week party that happens from Monday to Friday. It starts two weeks before official start of classes on Monday 10th August (see schedule below), and runs one week into term. It's a party meaning that you get to meet all your future friends, classmates, partners, or work partners in a fun and informal setting.

But it's useful too right?

It's really to meet people and party, but there is a functional underbelly too - most MBA2007s, 2008s 2009s and 2010s (and arguably MIFFTs, EMBAs, etc) were able to find their flat mates or room mates through this event. Its also a great way to put together a group and negotiate with estate agents collectively. We will try to have some leasing agents join one day per week to provide some advice (and their business). This is not definite, but if this works out, we will let you know. So it's not all partying really... Best of all, by the time you get started with school, you would've already met many of your classmates.We will definitely ask our fellow MBA 2010 class join as well if they also want to get flat mates or sublet their flats.

Wow, that sounds amazing - do I need to register or something?

No. Just turn up! We'll give you a name badge when you arrive with a simple "traffic light" code to signal if you're looking for a flat, flatmates, or none of the above.

We'll try and take a little bit of information about where you want to live, how much you want to pay etc when you arrive. This will help you find potential flatmates more easily on subsequent nights.

If you’re not interested in flatsharing, it doesn't matter, just come along anyway to meet people and have fun!

What if I can't make all the dates?

You do not have to show up to all of evenings. Just dip in and out whenever you can!

Any other questions?

Generations of MBAs have handed down this wisdom (thanks guys!) but feel free to get in touch with the Crawl Team if you have any questions about the event that we haven't covered!


Mondays @ 7pm
The Windsor Castle, 98 Park Rd., NW1 4SH

Tuesdays @ 7pm
The Volunteer, 245-247 Baker St., NW1 6XE

Wednesdays @ 7pm
The Harcourt Arms, 32 Harcourt Street W1H 4HX

Thursdays @ 7pm
The Temperance, 74-76 York Street W1H 1DP

Fridays @7pm
The Hobgoblin, 21 Balcombe Street NW1 6HE